• Corporate Edition

    Your corporate file management service as you like it:

    • all corporate files stay inside firewall;
    • use existing infrastructure;
    • sync/backup files via Win/MacOS client;
    • web access just like popular services;
    • 100% private deployment for many users;
    • full support, free upgrades, AD integration.
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  • Service Edition

    Increase ARPU with popular service for your users:

    • file management service for your customers: sync, share, backup;
    • use own or our infrastructure;
    • OSS/BSS integration;
    • look & feel just as popular services;
    • pay per active users or disk usage;
    • full branding, support & upgrades.
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  • Community Edition

    Your FREE private file management service in a box:

    • sync/backup files via Win/MacOS client;
    • web access just like popular services;
    • 100% private – you control soft & storage size;
    • ready to use AWS or any VM template;
    • free 50 user edition.
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Why you should use FreeBrie?

FreeBrie is a technology platform, allowing you to build share and sync systems­­­, providing stor­age space to the masses for min­i­mal cost in one quick and easy package.

FreeBrie is compatible with OS X, Windows and Linux (smart­phones and tablets coming soon).

  • featurePowerful control Panel
  • featureHighest security rate
  • featureUnlimited bandwidth
  • featureMobile control Panel
  • featureVarious disk spaces
  • feature24/7 Live Support
Seamless integration

We provide REST API, that allow you to integrate any ERP/Documentum/ Axapta system, backing them up with FreeBrie.

Define actions and control file versions in a workgroups.
Manage content access.

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Create flexible services

Create own “Dropbox”-like service for own subscribers in own network using FreeBrie ISP product in one month.

This will drive ARPU values and will make your offer more attractive to new customers.

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